Friday, May 10, 2019

Watch the fastest supercar in the world

Watch the fastest supercar in the world

Watch the fastest supercar in the world

Apart from the Drag Race or the Special Truck Edition in orange and black, we rarely talk about cars at RideApart. Then, from time to time, a manufacturer decides to make a small crossing and blur the boundaries between cars and motorcycles; here are the two worlds and an image of a car appears on our website. This time we will have a Katana, but not the one you think we will have.

The Suzuki Katana is one of the most awaited motorcycles of the year. After more than a decade of market failure, the model triumphantly returned to EICMA last year. The company has decided to take full advantage of the media hype to return to the sports legend by creating a special edition of Katana, but not the expected Katana. It has four wheels.

In fact, Suzuki has announced the launch of a very limited Katana Swift Sport - not only in limited numbers but also in terms of location. Only 30 shifts are produced for the Netherlands. More or less what?

As is often the case, the features inspired by the Katana are mainly aesthetic in nature. Of the 30 units available, 15 are available in silver - corresponding to the Katana - and 15 in black. The 30 vehicles are equipped with a red radiator grille reminiscent of the Katana Suzuki Retro logo, racing stripes on the hood and doors, 17-inch black OZ Racing wheels with 18 optional wheels, a "Katana" badge on the top and, of course, the sword-shaped logo that underscores the returning model's campaign.

Inside, the black/red theme is repeated, in harmony with the exterior of the car and, in a broader sense, with the colors of the bike. The Swift's 1.4-litre four-cylinder turbocharged engine remains unchanged and is curiously less than 400 cc more than the new 999 cc inline four-cylinder engine from today's Katana. Each special edition is numbered with 30 numbers and the price is set at 28,999 euros (32,400 dollars), or 4,500 dollars more than the price of Swift Sport in the Netherlands.

If you intend to put your hands on the new Katana, it could have been a good addition to the garage - if you really are so big on the subject of the sword.

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